Who?  Me?

I am a stay-at-home mom who is enjoying a later season in life. I have homeschooled my children, and only have one left at home now. This blog is about my journey to better spiritual maturity, realizing that I will never fully “arrive” until Christ takes me home.

I have grown exceedingly tired of the spiritual fare that is most popular with women these days. It seems that all they want is spiritual milk, and are not willing to do the work it takes to chew on the meat of God’s Word. I have absolutely no interest in the most popular names in female Christian “teachers,” and I use that term loosely. Most I have found are really self-help gurus masquerading as Bible teachers, and their teaching amounts to nothing more than “try harder–do more,” or, “seven easy steps to a cleaner house, more organized life, or better behaved children.”

There is more, ladies. Please do not settle for cheap, easy substitutes. Christ did not come so that our kitchens would be sparkling clean. He came so that we might be saved from utter depravity, and ultimately, from eternity in hell, which we all deserve.

This is my journey of reading, studying, discovering, enjoying, and being thoroughly nourished by God’s Word.  Messy kitchen and all.


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