I totally admit to being exhausted Sunday morning and skipping church.  What can I say, I caved in to peer pressure.  Only one of us decided to go to church.  So for breakfast we had arranged to meet with Pastor A (I can tell you a little more since there will be no names), who we had met yesterday, to ask again if he needed anything, even though yesterday he said nothing.

We found out he really needs a solid house through Pastor Z, who had been praying with his wife before the conference that Pastor A and his family might be able to get a better roof.  Pastor A lives in a city of about 20,000, but his house is built of sticks and has a plastic roof.  His parents and siblings are okay now with him being a Christian because it’s been 11 years, but others in town are not.  He worries that someone will burn down his house because people walk by and throw lit matches.

It was settled.  We needed to build him a house. We asked how much money it would cost to build Pastor A a cement home with a proper roof that would withstand the rainy seasons and also be a better defense against people throwing fire on his house.  So we started talking about fundraisers and how to logistically get money to this man, perhaps through the ministry.

God always seems to orchestrate things perfectly, doesn’t He?

We were worried that our hotel bill was going to be quite a bit more than we had budgeted, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding.  Our room bills were half of what we were expecting to pay.  All of a sudden all of us had a lot of extra cash on our hands.  Without a word or a thought, we all knew what we would do with our extra money.  We gathered the cash together to pay our hotel bill, then put together the rest we had budgeted and gave it to Pastor A.  Our translator explained to him that this was for his house, and you could see the shock on his face.  It was so wonderful to see the disbelief turn to joy on his face, and to know that his family will be safer soon.  Pastor Z promised to send us pictures because he has email and Pastor A does not.

Pastor Zerugirma and Pastor Awel

If this story has touched you, maybe you could find the funds to send him a small laptop.  We now have a way to send things to him through our contact here in Ethiopia.

What a fruitful trip!  As I write, we are preparing to drive to Addis to catch our flight, but I’m hoping that sometime during a layover I can catch the internet to tell you about our party on Sunday night.  It was a hoot.

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I am a friend. I am your neighbor, your sister, or someone at your church. I love to study God’s Word and share it with you. Come here to witness my excited “A-ha!” moments, as well as some pretty mundane stuff. I have a distinct disdain for emotionally driven bible studies, so you won’t see any of that here. Why? ”The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9 ESV) That’s why. We are not taught by Scripture to “follow our hearts” but to follow Jesus Christ. Emotions can be easily manipulated by crafty teachers, and when that happens we forget to look at Bible verses in their proper context. My prayer is that you find the writings here helpful, edifying, and encouraging.

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