I Forgot the Best Part! Woman.


“Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come.”

How could I forget this??  I know I said I was finished with chapter one, but as I was paging over to chapter two to do some writing this morning, I ran across the best highlights ever, as evidenced by all the quotes in this post.

“Woman, behold, your son!”

Why did Jesus address his mother this way?  Was he being disrespectful?  Not on your life.  This is foreshadowing the next chapter – Jesus Christ is the True Prophet!  He is informing Mary that HE is the seed of the WOMAN.  So, what does that make Mary?  WOMAN!  I don’t know why, maybe the simplicity (the “duh factor”) of it all, this just struck me like a giant light bulb.  Of course she is the woman. This is such an illuminating piece of the puzzle that can only come from the Holy Spirit.

Here’s another great set of quotes from the book:

“This style of address between a son and his mother does not appear elsewhere in the Gospels. Could there be a deeper reason why John records this language at both the beginning and the end of Jesus’ public ministry? Is he saying: “Don’t you see what is happening here? Jesus sees he is the seed of the woman who would bruise the head of the Serpent.””

“Remember how Paul says that when the time was fully come, God sent his Son. He describes Jesus in two arresting phrases, “born of woman, born under the law.”  “Born of woman”—is he echoing Genesis 3:15? Surely, for lineage elsewhere in Scripture is traced through the male line.  But God had said, “The seed of the woman will crush the head of the serpent.” Paul is, as it were, saying to us, “Now do you see in the incarnation who the seed—the one born—of the woman actually is? It is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ.””

So, there it is–my huge light-bulb moment.  Now here’s one more for free.

When the Bible speaks of the man who was possessed with so many demons they called themselves Legion, why do you suppose that is?  I had always been taught, like so many others that it was common for people to be possessed by demons in that period of history.  But why would that be?  What makes us who came later in history so much more resistant?  This is what I learned:

“But catch this. It takes only one demon to destroy a man. Why, then, have thousands of demons invaded him? Because the Lord Jesus was there. That is the whole point. This is not simply a poor man possessed by a legion of demons. That would be an extravagant deployment of forces Satan could never afford. No, not this man, but the destruction of Jesus’ ministry is the ultimate target. The reason there is so much demon possession in the time period recorded by the Gospels is not—as is sometimes assumed—that demon possession was commonplace then. In fact it was not. Rather, the land then was demon-invaded because the Savior was marching to the victory promised in Genesis 3:15. And all hell was let loose in order to withstand him.”

We’re not the special ones–HE is!!

And don’t miss this final point:  Satan has great knowledge of Scripture, and he teaches his demons well–they know it too.  Legion asks Jesus, “Have you come to destroy us?”  They know their leader will be crushed, and they know they are doomed with him because they know Scripture.  Does it not behoove us to know our God better than they do so that we can spot a fake?

I think I really am done with my chapter one comments now.  Sorry about that–but it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. 😉

Don’t forget to get your copy of Name Above All Names if you’re just reading these posts.  You really need to get this book and savor it.






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I am a friend. I am your neighbor, your sister, or someone at your church. I love to study God’s Word and share it with you. Come here to witness my excited “A-ha!” moments, as well as some pretty mundane stuff. I have a distinct disdain for emotionally driven bible studies, so you won’t see any of that here. Why? ”The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” (Jeremiah 17:9 ESV) That’s why. We are not taught by Scripture to “follow our hearts” but to follow Jesus Christ. Emotions can be easily manipulated by crafty teachers, and when that happens we forget to look at Bible verses in their proper context. My prayer is that you find the writings here helpful, edifying, and encouraging.

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